Flooring & protection


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Who are we ?

Our company whose origin traces back to 1930 has played an important part in the fields of protection against corrosion and waterproof coatings.

Over the years, TRACHET has always been a pioneer in its field, pushing the limits to guarantee ever better quality and durability.

In 1951, Jacques Jean Trachet registered a patent for the first 3-ply tape, made of a PE film coated on both sides with self-amalgamating adhesive. This product was to become the basis for all quality coatings since then until now.

It was followed by the development of the first cold-applied high-temperature anticorrosion tape and the current version is the only product with an official EN 12068 class AHT100 approval.

Our sealing paste for threaded joints, packed in its famous green tub, has been sold in millions, our aluminium sealing tapes, special putties and mastics are all innovations that have marked our history.

Since 1972 our company has a department specialising in the formulation and implementation of industrial floorings made from epoxy or polyurethane resin, thus widening our range of products and services to industry.

Thanks to our research and development laboratory, we can offer solutions adapted to your specific problems and meet your particular needs, true to our original vision: simplicity, efficiency and sustainability.