Flooring & protection


We have multiple solutions to suit your sector of business.


There are several sectors of application in the domain of water, here are some of the different aspects:

  • Water supply
  • Valve chambers and sewage plants
  • Water towers
  • Sand filters


Water supply

JITRA 55, JITRAFLEX 40 and JITRAFLEX 573 tapes are regularly chosen for the protection of water pipes.

Valve chambers and sewage plants

In enclosed spaces with little ventilation, material is submitted to harsh conditions. JITRAFILL mastic in association with the  JITRA 55 or JITRAFLEX 573 grease tapes will protect flanges, mechanical elbows, tees and other parts whilst respecting their manoeuvrability and easy disassembling for overhaul.

Water towers

JITRA 2000 tape will stop water from penetrating inside the reservoir of drinking water and will render any cracks on the roof of the tower watertight. The steel structures inside being subjected to permanent humidity can be protected with our JITRA 70 tape.

Sand filter

Our JITRA 229 mastic can be used for sealing floors and to support the nozzles of sand filters.