Flooring & protection


We have multiple solutions to suit your sector of business.

The construction industry

There are several sectors of the construction industry, here are the different aspects:

  • Roofing
  • Foundation
  • Car parks
  • Immerged pilings
  • Pilings and quay walls



Our JITRA 2000 and Glasstic tapes have been designed to keep the different parts of a roof watertight: base of the chimney, guttering, drainpipes, parapet wall, maintenance and water tightness of glazed roofs and verandas, etc.


JITWRAP tape applied against the foundations of a building will protect them against running water and ensure they remain waterproof.

Car parks

Our Sobepox resins are available in a wide range of surfaces for car parks.

Immerged pilings

Our JITRA 55 tape and our mastic SM, applied by divers, will protect underwater constructions such as pilings, sea walls and jetties from corrosion?


Covered width JITRA 55 petrolatum tape before being buried or cemented, the pilings will be protected for tens of years. If encased in a sheath, the latter can be injected with JITRA putty.