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Mastic Jitra 229

The JITRA 229 sealant is used for the tightness of prefabricated concrete elements, for filter drains, under plates or corrugated sheets. It is also used as a filling sealant in annular spaces under compression.

Main advantage : 

  • Easy to implement
  • Good adhesion on concrete and steel surfaces
  • Excellent ageing behaviour : does not dry - does not harden
  • Excellent conformability to annular space under compression (complete filling of empty spaces)
  • Stable and inert to acid and base attacks
  • No toxicity and harm characteristics


Sealing joint in the assembling of prefabricated elements in sealing concrete for the filter drain.

Tightness under plates or corrugated sheets. Filling sealants of annular spaces under compression.


     Value    Unit   Standard  
Colour grey    
Density 1,28 g/cm³  
Creep temperature > + 77 °C  
Flash point temperature +230 °C  

Cone penetration

(at 25 °C)

43 1/10 mm  NFT 60119 

Elasticity, elongation resistance

(at 25 °C)

54 %  
Application temperature + 2 à + 30  °C  
Operating temperature - 25 à + 65  °C  

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