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Jitra 70 / Siplex 41

A non-woven synthetic carrier fully coated with a modified petrolatum, based compound containing polymers and linert fillers.

Main advantages :

  • No primer required
  • Good protection against corrosion : the mass "wets" the surface of the metal perfectly
  • Excellent flexibility, so it can be used on tortured surfaces
  • Easily applied at low temperature
  • Minimum surface preparation, sandblasting not necessary
  • Tropical version of JITRA 55 (70 °C) - approved by GAZ DE FRANCE


Protection against the crrosion of pipes, joints, special parts, and all underground metal structures. Compatible with all factory coatings.


  value unit
Colour brown/green-green  
Weight 1,3 kg/m²
Thickness 1,2 mm
Application temperature +5 à +40 ° C
Operating temperature -30 à +70 ° C

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