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Tape consisting out of an aluminium, bright and waffled, bright and smooth or lead coloured and smooth, film, covered with a sealing and anti-corrosion mass made of elastomerised bitumen. The interior side is covered by an intermediate film.

Main advantages :

  • The JITRA 2000 tape adheres to the different shapes of the elements.
  • Thanks to its excellent adhesion and high tack, the JITRA 2000 tape provides immediate and lasting tightness.
  • Can guarantee tightness on slightly rough elements.
  • The embossed aluminium appearance of the JITRA 2000 tape helps conceal the irregularities of the elements and the lead colour is close to the colour of zinc for better aesthetic appeal.


Tightness of buildings :

  • Tightness of flashings, undulating roofs, cornices, flutings ...
  • Tightness of bases of chimneys, drips, gutters, rainwater drain, skylights
  • Tightness of glazed roofs, conservatories, broken window panes
  • Tightness of caravans and chalets
  • Provisional tightness of cracks in the wall
  • Tightness of ventilation ducts

Industrial applications

  • Tightness of industrial buildings, hangars, depots, refrigeration rooms, pressurised cabins, etc..
  • Tightness of ventilation ducts, air conditioning
  • Vapour-retardant protection for heat insulation


     value   unit   standard
Total tape thickness 1,10  mm  
Aluminium film thickness 0,04  mm  
Permeability to water vapour  0,07 g/m².24h  DIN 53122 
Application temperature +5 à +40 ° C  
Operating temperature -20 à +75  ° C  

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