Flooring & protection


We have multiple solutions to suit your sector of business.

Industrial sector

Several industrial sectors are covered, here are a few:

  • Fire fighting
  • Fluid transportation systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Cold storage
  • Shops and warehouses
  • Process rooms and workshops
  • Retention tanks
  • Insulated tanks
  • Storage of machined parts


Fire fighting

The underground part of the firefighting system between the water reservoir and the sprinklers in the buildings, can be protected with our JITRA 55 or JITRAFLEX 40 tapes. Flanges and valves are protected by JITRAFILL mastic and then covered with petrolatum tapes.

Fluid transportation systems

Whether hot, cold, liquid or gas, the underground systems of many industries are protected by our JITRA, JITRAFLEX, JITRAKOR or JITWRAP tapes.

Refrigeration systems

The steel pipes of insulated refrigeration systems can be protected by our JITRA 55 tape before being injected with PU foam. This will avoid condensation and its corrosive effects as well as to make it easy to disassemble the machinery for overhaul.

Cold storage

The water tightness of cold storage (or controlled atmosphere) rooms in the food industry can be ensured:

  • At the base of the partition wall with our POLYTHANE RS 500 resinresin
  • Between the wall sections with our JITRA 2000 tapes

Shops and warehouses

When holes start to appear in a concrete floor, use our SYNAROC or SOBEPOX REFECT mortars to repair them for use by pedestrians and forklift trucks once again.

Process rooms and workshops

Our SOBEPOX floorings can be used in process rooms which must respect standards of cleanliness and protection against contamination.

Retention tanks

Our range of SOBEPOX resin will protect retention tanks from the many chemical products used in the process.

Insulated tanks

Our JITRA 2000 Alu tape can be used to prevent condensation and keep the tanks’ insulator watertight.

Storage of machined parts

Petrolatum tapes can protect machined parts from corrosion whilst they are being stored or transported at sea for example.