Flooring & protection


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The Monaco sea wall – 60 pilings Protected against corrosion

The Monaco sea wall is used for mooring by luxurious cruise ships. It incorporates prestigious restaurants, shopping arcades and car parks providing the future tourist with a warm welcome.

The company that built the enormous chamber chose our Jitra Passivating putty to protect the 60 pilings from corrosion. Each piling measures Ø 120 mm x 8 M, is subjected to pressure of 560 tons and connects the joints to the sea wall.

Guyana – corrosion Protection for 300 m² of underwater pilings

Our JITRA SM putty is ideal for protecting against corrosion due to its high adhesion, even on wet surfaces, Held in place by winding around JITRA 70 petrolatum tapes covering at least 50% of the surface. Even better stability can be obtained by pulling the tapes tight. Smoothing the petrolatum tape between turns will ensure that the system is water-tight.

VIPE ruban was applied to increase mechanical protection against corrosion, especially in the drawndown zone. Had the aquatic environment been rougher, greater protection would have been planned.

France: Saint Crépin - Protection of 210 welded joints

The Charles Queyras construction company had been charged with building a power station in Roquebillière in France. We supplied them with the material for protecting the welded joints of the water pipeline measuring Ø 1 220 mm x 2 550 M from corrosion. We also provided the felt for protecting 350 M of pipeline, with

- 210 ready to use heat-shrinkable kits NUFALT M-K 450-1220

- 1 400 m² of protective felt GEODREN PP 800 gr/m² in rolls of 4 M x 50 M

The Netherlands: Terneuzen: sealing the insulation of two tanks

The unit had been shut down in order to overhaul two process tanks to ensure they were perfectly insulated. To achieve this, Our Jitra 2000 Alu tape, composed of an extremely strong adhesive made up of elastomeric bitumen covered with a film of aluminum on the surface was used.

Two different applications were carried out:

- first tank: JITRA 2000 ALU tape was applied on the insulator joints that had been pre-coated with a film of aluminum on the surface.

- second tank: JITRA 2000 ALU tape was applied over the whole insulator.

Then the tanks were protected by a shell of plate aluminum.

The way to protect an insulated tank or pipeline from corrosion is to avoid condensation on the metal surface beneath the thermal insulation. There are two solutions for that:

1/ a JITRA 55 petrolatum tape applied directly on the metal surface beneath the insulator will ensure excellent protection against corrosion even if the insulator and/or the outside shell is damaged.

2/ JITRA 2000 ALU tape applied directly on the insulator will act as a vapour barrier ensuring the tank is completely water tight by preventing the diffusion of condensation.

By using both these methods we have achieved optimal long lasting protection.