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Jitra 55

A non-woven synthetic carrier fully coated with a modified petrolatum based compound containing inert fillers.

Main advantages :

  • No primer required
  • Good protection against corrosion : the mass "wets" the surface of the metal perfectly
  • Excellent flexibility, so it can be used on tortured surfaces
  • Easily applied at low temperature, even lower than 0°C
  • Little preparation of the surface, sandblasting not necessary

For low temperature (max 55°C) - EN 12068 approved with mechanical protection


The JITRA 55 system (2 layers) + JITRANYL (3 layers) is EN 12068-A30 approved : for more information, see System Datasheet.


Protection against the corrosion of pipes, joints, special parts, and all underground metal structures. Compatible with all factory coatings.


  value unit Standard
Colour brun/vert    
Weight 1,3 kg/m²  
Thickness 1,2 mm  
Elongation a break 18 % EN 12068
Permeability to water vapour 6 g/m².24h DIN 53122
Specific insulation resistance (2 layers) 109 Ω.m² EN 12068
Saponification index < 10 mg KOH/g EN 12068

Peel resistance under the effect of cathodic protection

(cathodic disbanding)

1,6 mm (r. equiv.) EN 12068
Dielectric strength 8 kV/mm EN 12068
Application temperature -5 à +35 ° C  
Operating temperature -30 à +55 ° C  

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